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Post my pictures and text on Facebook. Work in progress
Reward [Post]Reward20AMF 1007Browse/0Sign up/0People have offered a reward/Also offer a reward2People Witty/2021-11-29
Invite you to follow my Facebook group Work in progress
Equal [Followers]Budget20AMF 1079Browse/2Sign up/2Selected/Quota is full Witty/2021-11-29
Post a post on your Facebook page Work in progress
Installment [Post]Budget20AMF 1059Browse/2Sign up/2Selected/Quota is full ava/2021-11-29
Like my Facebook page-2 people Work in progress
Reward [Like]Reward20AMF 1275Browse/2People have offered a reward/Reward quota is full Lufa/2021-11-29
Need 2 people to follow my Facebook page  Task completed
Equal [Followers]Budget20AMF 1811Browse/2Sign up/2Selected Lufa/2021-11-29
Total Tasks:5 | Total Trade:60
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