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[Currency] Regarding the use and earning of points

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First, the points of this site are divided into the following 4 types:
( D. {" V( ]( A7 A3 PA. Copper Coin can be used to redeem Silver Coin or Gold Coin. Click here for the method to obtain it.
7 F- {+ M2 ~6 f0 r! j  a8 iB. Silver Coin, which can be used to exchange Silver Coin or Gold Coin, click here to obtain the method.
. K* O, Z$ U) R/ |$ K$ c9 `+ z, Y( B  DC. Gold Coin can be exchanged for Silver Coin or Gold Coin, please click here to obtain the method.
8 Y1 A' h5 y! S* zD.AMF Currency can be used to publish tasks in theTask List, to create groups, and to purchase special items on this site. Obtaining methods are:# L' H4 ~0 p( {* |1 U
1. Get through recharge, click here to recharge.
4 O* y  F( q: `+ f2. You can get 2AMF by promoting your friends to register on this site. Whenever someone registers as a member of this site through your exclusive link, you will get 2AMF. Click here to view My Link.
3 Z3 c2 J. ?1 k/ u1 ]* D/ `( x: ?3. Obtained by taking over other people's tasks and completing other people's tasks. Click here to go to the Task List.
3 S; p" n' A! Z( c( }Second, the calculation formula of total points:, Y+ m2 J# i" J' s( p$ ~' N, D$ O
Total points = (number of Copper Coins) + (number of Silver Coins) + (number of Gold Coins) + (number of AMF Currency) + (online time (hours) * 0.1) + (number of friends)1 X/ A1 }# w, _( K/ S

* B8 J% |* I- ~- I7 z

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