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[Currency] Regarding the use and earning of points

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First, the points of this site are divided into the following 4 types:
A. Copper Coin can be used to redeem Silver Coin or Gold Coin. Click here for the method to obtain it.
B. Silver Coin, which can be used to exchange Silver Coin or Gold Coin, click here to obtain the method.
C. Gold Coin can be exchanged for Silver Coin or Gold Coin, please click here to obtain the method.
D.AMF Currency can be used to publish tasks in theTask List, to create groups, and to purchase special items on this site. Obtaining methods are:
1. Get through recharge, click here to recharge.
2. You can get 2AMF by promoting your friends to register on this site. Whenever someone registers as a member of this site through your exclusive link, you will get 2AMF. Click here to view My Link.
3. Obtained by taking over other people's tasks and completing other people's tasks. Click here to go to the Task List.
Second, the calculation formula of total points:
Total points = (number of Copper Coins) + (number of Silver Coins) + (number of Gold Coins) + (number of AMF Currency) + (online time (hours) * 0.1) + (number of friends)


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