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[Kitchen] Amazon USA-Electric Hot Pot Non-Stick Pan 1.89L Noodles Cooker-10%OFF

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A. Product name or title:Electric Hot Pot Upgraded, Non-Stick Pan,1.89L Mini Pot for Steak,Fried Rice,with Temperature Control and Steamer - Rapid Noodles Cooker, Ramen, Oatmeal,Soup - Steamer,Egg,Vegetables,Dark Blue: Q, p6 [/ @- i0 F" G' F
B. Product pictures:/ |! A' t" l' w" _3 ]

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" K3 k+ R. ?- ]- v* v* W9 U, oC. URL:       Click here to enter& \% z( f! K' `4 E- @
8 C  S1 R7 L+ C- B4 ~Reg.Price:39.9
- C% v: L- L( e4 j& ^. ~0 LFinal Price:35.9, d- L! o' O# ]& _+ ^) c( p0 }: _
E, Code: Pick up from the page
: S+ ~( G* _: j8 e7 s) J9 nF.: J- O% E( Y/ v& i
Start  Time :  2021-11-24 12:00PDT   
- D$ _# t$ o3 X% CExpiration Date :2021-11-29 23:59PDT* p9 l$ ~6 c; D: S8 Y* y% Z
G. Reason for recommendation: ; @0 @. Q, T* V& X$ Y& c7 j
This doesn't need a burner. Instead it needs electricty and an outlet. It is a ncie made pot and can even steam so cook things like rice well. It is perfect for a small family or a individual too. It comes in several colors, but I choose white as my kitchen is black, red, and white. It is easy to clean but must be done by hand as it is electric so not dishwasher safe for all parts. Some are though. The cord can be removed when y ou are done and stored in the pot so it doesn't get lost.
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