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A super sharp chef's knife

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This is a beautiful knife. The blade is fancy in its intricate damascus patterns, yet overall the knife gives a bit of a stark or restrained impression because of its lack of other decoration.

Some folks may doubt that this is really damascus steel, but as a professional machinist I'm entirely convinced that it is the real deal. I've researched it a bit. The blade material probably originates in Japan, and consists of a central core of high-grade VG-10 stainless knife steel which has many alternating layers of SUS430 (ferritic/non-hardenable) and SUS431(martensitic/hardenable) stainless steels laminated onto each side of it. The knifemaker is able to exploit the differences in hardness and/or corrosion resistance between these different steels, to bring out the damascus pattern in the finished blade.
Currently priced at 50 bucks, I consider this knife to be a bargain when you consider the technology and work that went into making it.

>.. For a good knife, this is reasonably inexpensive. It does the sort of jobs one needs a small knife to do in the kitchen. It fits the hand quite well, it is light and does all the little kitchen jobs it was designed for.
>.. It also serves me as a portioner (cutting up foods that I can use my front teeth for. They are temporarily gone. My 'bite' teeth were taken out as infected possibly from a piece of popcorn shell, we think, working it's way down between the gums and rotting. Yep -- GROSS!
>.. In any case with the teeth gone, I can't 'bite off' a piece of anything tougher that pudding or yogurt. My other teeth are fine, so once I get the foods cut to size, they just pop right in and get chewed. Ate pizza tonight with a knife and fork, so odd.Click here to go to its page

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