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[Share] How to advertiPolicies to comply with when posting in this sectionse on Faceb...

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You are welcome to join the AddMyFollowers family, and I hope you have a good time here./ p% I+ h8 Q: l' C1 _
Before you post, we hope you can understand these policies, in order to regulate our website and facilitate the browsing of others:( U9 j# f9 l0 n+ u' t2 F4 @
Specification of the title:
: S! D- X0 j! ^& A[Category of topics in parentheses] + seller's area or site + your question/your answer/you shared
+ _. c3 b6 M6 u/ `A. If you ask:2 L# d7 |( t8 r& x+ P
your problem:8 H6 }; X- X! T$ r
Your screenshot:0 g8 ~& N+ m3 m) r4 w
Other supplements:: ?" o: B! G7 s2 P1 l
B. If you answer:
" r6 Z" V8 q, E  y8 X" c! RPlease do not answer the questions in this forum in the form of new posts. You should reply directly to each post.
$ m; n5 h9 c, x" P, ?1 c' u% xC. If you have content that you want to share actively:
3 R+ f' n$ g% {0 X* W! cTitle format: [Share] +you shared! y' ~, r' ]( a! d8 q: s8 {0 y
Content: Can be customized.
0 C1 z' g% u. |) I+ c  g

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