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Task type, and the conditions required for Post a task.

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Task center can publish any task of any website. As long as you have a need, you can publish your task on this site. Members from all over the world will take your task and complete your specified task content according to your requirements.0 v! ]' t. m, Q% c2 g$ Y! _: P2 E
Ⅰ. Examples of task application scenarios:
0 f) B. J. J2 V* {6 k8 _# E3 H" la. Try new products released by Amazon sellers, give away products, buy products you specify, test the samples you give away, ask you questions, and other tasks. Not only Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Tmall, sellers can post similar tasks to find a designated taker.) F+ R; n9 v, _7 m7 _- k1 P8 s2 @
b. If you are a blogger, video owner, or influencer of these platforms Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, VKontakte, DouYin, KuaiShou, Twitch, ASK, Soundcloud, you can post here Like, Followers, Post, View tasks. You can specify a post, or homepage, or group, or video.
1 ?& W% N1 t4 y$ Zc. If you have your own website (whether it is a B2C website, a brand official website, or a website with other content), and hope to get more traffic to your website, no problem, you can also post tasks here, Let the undertaker complete the visit of the designated website.# K5 j( O9 a; b
d. If there are people in need of help around you, and hope to donate to those in need through crowdfunding, or other help, you can also post here.4 B4 S2 z! N2 t! w% S! ?: a
e. In addition, when you have a specific type of task that needs to be released, you can contact the site administrator. After our review, if the type of task you want to release is something we can support, we will add this type of task.$ Z$ B. O) N( c% _" |
Ⅱ. Conditions required to release the task:
) Y5 g. p- D& [9 w2 U2 ja. The minimum budget for each task you publish is 10AMF Currency. For example, if you post a task that requires 10 people to complete it separately, this will be the budget for 10 tasks.8 p7 g: e8 q4 j
b.AMF Currency is the alternative currency of this site. When each new user initially registers, we will give you 200 points as a gift.
; ]- e- \! z/ ?+ m- R; k  ]c. How to obtain AMF currency:
6 h/ D5 H3 T4 w' b+ d5 L7 Y1. To get through recharge, please visit the recharge page.6 Q! ]1 N% R" i' P/ h
2. Obtained by helping others to complete tasks, please visit the task list.
3 c3 Y/ A1 _6 K# ~9 x3. Obtained by inviting friends to register on this site, please visit your link.
8 S- I6 b: \2 j3 Y+ C% }5 w  s4. In the form of crowdfunding tasks, provide rewards to members and receive member registration fees.
% r3 t0 O, R2 {! F$ n: a8 o3 e- m6 \3 ^) Yd. Statement: All members of this site must follow the principle of good faith, and there must be no false, cheating, or deceptive behavior. If someone complains and we verify the above behavior, we will permanently ban your account.
" N+ O0 `0 K8 s6 K& L3 [e. Statement: Due to the virtual factors of the network, we are unable to verify the true identity of the publisher and the undertaker and guarantee their behavior. Therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for the bad results of the task.
8 t( D; ]3 V+ I' S( F' v- b" _, @
4 Q# Z6 i  c- k, T

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